Temperature Control Machine

Temp. Range



  • Simple control panel and various indicators.
  • Full digital P.I.D sectional contorl system to keep stable temperature.
  • Perfect anti-sock device and feet wheel design.
  • Power source lack-phase protection,pump overload protection,temperature superheat protection,automatic hydration,automatic air discharge,pressure-relief circuit,multiple safety protection system.The operation is strong like rocks.
  • International well-known brand pump,high E.E.R.
  • Improve the yield rate due to the accurate control.
  • Accurate temperature (±0.5℃)
  • Low viscosity of water makes it heat up quickly.
  • Heat transfer oil which has the feature of high boiling point is suitable for the high temperature type. 


Model MTO30010/09
Maximum Temperature 300℃
Pump Hp/Kw 1/0.75
Electric Heating Kw 9.0
Total Electric Power Kw 9.75
Flow Rate L/min 30/35
Pressure kg/cm² 5.0/6.5
Inlet/Outlet Boiling Water 3/4"
Inlet/Outlet Cooling Water 1/2"
Dimension mm 680×300×700
Weight Kg 110