Do you know why the temperature control can control the temperature? Come and take a look at the structure of the thermostat~ The thermostat uses the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, so there is no need to plug in.

Temperature Control Machine

Temp. Range



  • Simple control panel and various indicators.
  • Full digital P.I.D sectional contorl system to keep stable temperature.
  • Perfect anti-sock device and feet wheel design.
  • Power source lack-phase protection,pump overload protection,temperature superheat protection,automatic hydration,automatic air discharge,pressure-relief circuit,multiple safety protection system.The operation is strong like rocks.
  • International well-known brand pump,high E.E.R.
  • Improve the yield rate due to the accurate control.
  • Accurate temperature (±0.5℃)
  • Low viscosity of water makes it heat up quickly.
  • Heat transfer oil which has the feature of high boiling point is suitable for the high temperature type. 


Model MTO18010/09D
Maximum Temperature 180℃
Pump Hp/Kw 1/0.75
Electric Heating Kw 9.0×2
Total Electric Power Kw 18.75
Flow Rate L/min 40
Pressure kg/cm² 6.8/8.8
Inlet/Outlet Boiling Water 3/4"
Inlet/Outlet Cooling Water 1/2"
Dimension mm 800×660×750
Weight Kg 190
There is a fixed tripod attached to the bottom, and the tripod clamps the fixed guide rail to fix the thermostat. The working principle of the thermostat: Due to the different thermal expansion coefficients, when the temperature of the bimetallic sheet changes, the degree of thermal expansion and contraction on both sides is different, so in different temperature