Minmelt thermostat, also known as temperature control switch and temperature protector, is divided into mechanical type and electronic type. According to the temperature change of the working environment, the inside of the switch will be physically deformed and produce some special effects. Use a series of automatic control components or electronic components to perform or disconnect actions at different temperatures. The working state principle provides temperature data for the circuit that collects temperature data.

Temperature Control Machine

Temp. Range



  • Simple control panel and various indicators.
  • Full digital P.I.D sectional contorl system to keep stable temperature.
  • Perfect anti-sock device and feet wheel design.
  • Power source lack-phase protection,pump overload protection,temperature superheat protection,automatic hydration,automatic air discharge,pressure-relief circuit,multiple safety protection system.The operation is strong like rocks.
  • International well-known brand pump,high E.E.R.
  • Improve the yield rate due to the accurate control.
  • Accurate temperature (±0.5℃)
  • Low viscosity of water makes it heat up quickly.
  • Heat transfer oil which has the feature of high boiling point is suitable for the high temperature type. 


Model MTO30010/09
Maximum Temperature 300℃
Pump Hp/Kw 1/0.75
Electric Heating Kw 9.0
Total Electric Power Kw 9.75
Flow Rate L/min 30/35
Pressure kg/cm² 5.0/6.5
Inlet/Outlet Boiling Water 3/4"
Inlet/Outlet Cooling Water 1/2"
Dimension mm 680×300×700
Weight Kg 110
The temperature controller is composed of a conversion display mechanism, a setting mechanism, a comparison operating mechanism and an output mechanism. When the temperature sensor converts the field temperature into an electric signal and transmits it to the thermostat, the thermostat's conversion display mechanism converts the electric signal into a digital display or analog indication, and compares the setting value of the setting mechanism with the setting mechanism. Through the comparison mechanism , And then through the output machine, the controller controls the heater/cooler.