The common application fields of oil circulation temperature control machine include injection molding, die-casting, printing, reactor, roller, extrusion, banbury, wind power, hot pressing, vulcanization, reactor and other industries such as temperature control and material drying and conveying automation. Its main function is to improve the molding efficiency of the product.

Temperature Control Machine

Temp. Range



  • Simple control panel and various indicators.
  • Full digital P.I.D sectional contorl system to keep stable temperature.
  • Perfect anti-sock device and feet wheel design.
  • Power source lack-phase protection,pump overload protection,temperature superheat protection,automatic hydration,automatic air discharge,pressure-relief circuit,multiple safety protection system.The operation is strong like rocks.
  • International well-known brand pump,high E.E.R.
  • Improve the yield rate due to the accurate control.
  • Accurate temperature (±0.5℃)
  • Low viscosity of water makes it heat up quickly.
  • Heat transfer oil which has the feature of high boiling point is suitable for the high temperature type. 


Model MTW9520/09
Maximum Temperature 95℃
Pump Hp/Kw 2/1.5
Electric Heating Kw 9
Total Electric Power Kw 10.5
Flow Rate L/min 160
Pressure kg/cm² 2.5
Inlet/Outlet Boiling Water 3/4"×4
Inlet/Outlet Cooling Water 3/4"
Dimension mm 875×350×845
Weight Kg 150
Oil circulation temperature control machines are widely used in various industries such as plastic molding, hot-press mold temperature control, rubber industry, roller rollers, chemical reactors, and so on. As an industrial fluid temperature control device, the oil circulation temperature control machine includes two aspects of temperature control: heating and cooling.